Clarence and other towns across Louisiana are putting proactive measures in place to quell the spread of COVID-19. Disruptions to school, work, and major public gatherings are already manifesting and it’s important to stay up to date on what’s happening in the Clarence, LA community.

Stay up to date and informed with our resources: Breaking public health news, information on your local Louisiana hospitals and healthcare facilities, information from the Louisiana Public Health Department, and Twitter updates from Louisiana government officials. Continue to visit our website for the latest updates.

Louisiana COVID-19 Cases

Louisiana New Coronavirus Cases:
Louisiana Total Coronavirus Cases: 1,606,064
Louisiana New Coronavirus Deaths:
Louisiana Total Coronavirus Deaths: 19,005
U.S. New Coronavirus Cases: 1,648
U.S. Total Coronavirus Cases: 107,184,620
U.S. New Coronavirus Deaths: 8
U.S. Total Coronavirus Deaths: 1,166,662
Last updated June 10, 2023
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Coronavirus News for Clarence

Quin Hillyer: In Louisiana-centered court case, Justice Amy Coney Barrett fails to stop the contagion of censorship

In a decision written by Louisiana native Amy Coney Barrett overruling ... with their wishes about the suppression of certain COVID-19-related speech.” Facebook in turn cracked down on a ... More info » - 06/28/2024 12:00pm

Has Amy Coney Barrett Gone Rogue?

In recent months, Barrett has had open spats with Justice Clarence Thomas, the court's most conservative member—even interrupting Thomas' pro–gun lobby questions during oral arguments in United States ... More info »

Newsweek on MSN - 07/04/2024 04:57am

Stop mourning the Murthy case, start fighting the censorship-industrial complex

The Supreme Court ruled that states and individuals lacked standing to sue the government for its actions in censoring speech online, but the dissenters criticized the majority for not addressing ... More info »

The Hill on MSN - 07/11/2024 01:30am

Biden drops out, endorses Kamala Harris as Democratic presidential nominee

He also led the influential Senate Judiciary Committee, which confirmed Justice Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court in ... The 2020 election results, taking place amid the historic COVID-19 pandemic, ... More info »

Los Angeles Times - 07/21/2024 01:10pm

Supreme Court Ruling Trashed by Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'May Sink the Ship'

The Supreme Court voted 6-3 to overturn the ruling of a federal appeals court in Louisiana, which concluded that interactions ... "Here's my concern: millions of Americans died because of COVID-19, ... More info »

MSN - 06/27/2024 02:13am

How do you feel your community is responding to the coronavirus crisis:

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